2010 Here I Come!

Happy New Year! I know everyone is doing a “New Years Resolution” post on their blogs. I guess this is going to be kind of like that. However, it’s going to be a simple post. I learned from Gary Fong that setting arbitrary goals in life, sets arbitrary limits on your success. So, this year I’m not necessarily “resolving” to change things. Instead, I’m going to list things I’d l’m going to try to do differently. Here goes!

  • Take more personal photographs. I spend a lot of time shooting for hired shoots (wedding, portraits, corporate, etc). I want to shoot a lot more personal work this year. Fine art, projects, etc. I have an idea for a project that will really challenge me. It will challenge me socially even more than photographically. Look for a blog post about that later.
  • Shoot less. I know… you are saying, “WHAT?”. The last wedding of 2009, I took over 3000 images. That’s ridiculous! That would be 84 rolls of film at 36 exposure each. It took me three days just to trim down to 683 keepers. 683 images is overwhelming for a client. How do you choose from that many images? For 2010, I want to shoot less images, but make each of this images count more. Really focus on fantastic light, composition, and all the technical elements of the photograph. I’d much rather turn over 200 spectacular images, than 800 images with 50 or 60 spectacular images included.
  • Teach more. My wife says I’m a natural teacher. I’ve also taught several times in my life. I want to pass on what I know to others.
  • Spend less time behind my computer and more time out. Just out. Anywhere but behind the computer. Spend time with my kids, get out into the crowds, meet new people, etc.
  • Exercise more. Yep. It goes on this list every year. I’ve got to get healthy! This is kind of an extension of “Spend less time behind my computer”.
  • Blog More!
  • Last, but certainly not least, I want to participate in some missions work. I’ve done some work before, but I want to take it to the next level. I’d love to go on an international missions trip of some sort and document the trip photographically. I think that’s an often overlooked aspect of mission work. Good photojournalism will help engage people to volunteer for future efforts.

And… blog posts are boring without pictures. So, here’s a shot of my son, Brian:

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JolynnJanuary 2, 2010 - 10:47 pm

I like the way you think.:)Good luck with everything you do in 2010!

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